Authors: Burcu Bektaş, Elif Özkara Canfes, Uğur Dursun

DOI: 10.24064/iwts2016.2017.7

Abstract: In this work, we study two families of rotational surfaces in the pseudo–Euclidean space $\mathbb E^4_2$ with profile curves lying in 2-dimensional planes. First, we obtain a classification of pseudo-umbilical spacelike surfaces and timelike surfaces in these families.
Then, we show that in this classification there exists no a pseudo-umbilical rotational surface
in $\mathbb{E}^4_2$ with pointwise 1-type Gauss map of second kind. Finally, we determine such pseudo-umbilical rotational surfaces in $\mathbb{E}^4_2$ having pointwise 1-type Gauss map of first kind.

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